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Discover the Most Profitable
Mindset Strategies for Extraordinary Business Growth

I help successful entrepreneurs master their mindset to increase revenue, create a life of prosperity, and manifest their biggest dreams and ambitions fast.

Your mindset is the most important tool that you posses to manifest your biggest dreams and ambitions into reality. You truly can manifest whatever you really desire.

My life and the experiences of my clients are a testament to that. I started studying mindset over 17 years ago when I was diagnosed with PTSD after witnessing 9/11 from my dorm room window the first week of college. I refused to live a life on medication or always anxious, so I went inward to study how the brain really works. Since then, I have healed myself and others from the diagnosis of chronic anxiety in a way that most therapists cannot even comprehend…

In my 20’s, I turned my childhood fantasies of marrying Eddie Vedder (leader singer for Pearl Jam) into a reality when I manifested a rockstar boyfriend. For years, I traveled VIP, backstage, on the tour bus, all over the country while building my first business…


i became an entrepreneur at age 25, and built my first business up to a multiple-million dollar book of clients, then sold it in my early 30’s.

At that point, I knew that I wanted more in my life. I no longer loved that rockstar lifestyle or that business, so I sold it and quickly manifested the love of my life who is now my amazing husband. We moved cross country together from Boston, MA to Boulder, CO within our first year of dating, and quickly manifested our dream house on top of a mountain with 360-degree views, a jetted tub in a corner window overlooking the Rockies, and even a yoga space downstairs.

I’ve manifested the exact dream life that for 10 years I dismissed as impossible. I now have an amazing Business Strategist and Mindset Coaching practice that fulfills me everyday. I work wherever I want (but mostly at home with my dogs), and coach successful entrepreneurs all over the world to manifest their biggest goals and dreams - whether that’s their first client, their first $30K month, their next-level multiple six to seven figure year… or even the love of their life.


Your Dreams Are Possible. You Just Need the Right Mindset to manifest them into reality, and a coach who will show you how to get there.


Imagine what it would be like for things to be so good that you constantly have to remind yourself that YES, YES, YES you do deserve to be living the infinitely expanding life, business, and bank account that you’ve dreamed about.

Picture how incredible it would feel to walk into your dream house, look your spouse in the eye, and say “baby, we made it – we can do anything” because you’ve broken through every limit.  

Visualize how amazing it would be for you to routinely attract more high-level clients who get results and who are eager to make a commitment.

As your mindset coach, I will show you how to do that...


Rapid income increases and business growth comes when you know how
to do mindset work that creates profitable results.


Here’s how to know if you need a business strategist + mindset coach….

You want to build your business FAST with strategies that get results, or you're already doing everything "right," but you’re up against some major blocks to wealth, abundance, and success...

Something needs to change if:

  • You’re repeatedly earning the same amount year-over-year or even doubling your income. You know that 10x growth is possible – you’ve seen other people achieve it - you’re just not sure what is blocking you from that kind of success.

  • Your income increases but your net worth does not, and you’re not sure where the resistance to creating wealth comes from or how to change it. You’re ready for financial abundance now.

  • You’re noticing inconsistency in your income– feast and famine - and you need to know what mindset work to do to repeatedly exceed revenue goals. You’re so over having up-down months. You’re ready for consistent growth.

  • You’re ready to leave behind Corporate / your 9-5 job, but you can’t seem to make the leap or you’re scared that you won’t grow fast enough. You want to KNOW with certainty that you can more than replace your income in your new business (which, you totally can!)