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Meet Megan McAvoy Matté:

Megan McAvoy Matté is the Founder and President of Aspire to Retire Rich. 

She works with purposeful and mission-driven entrepreneurs and high-achieving professionals who are seeking to go to the next level in their life and business without sacrificing their personal wellbeing. 

Megan is a leader who changes the world through her work by coaching rising thought-leaders to overcome limiting beliefs and step into full alignment with their core values so that they can build the life and business of their dreams.

Megan was a routine Sales Excellence winner in her corporate days at Fidelity Investments, and she received the Business Builder Award - given to those who can build businesses FAST - when she started her first business as Financial Advisor at age 25. 

Over a decade of success in business, coupled with her strong interpersonal and relationship skills, led her into the Guardian Leadership Institute where she was trained and developed to be the first ever woman in leadership at her Financial Advisor firm.  Instead of developing talent for a company, Megan decided that she would be more fulfilled running her own business where she empowers high-acheivers to up-level their life and their business so that they may have everlasting fulfillment – on their own terms.

Megan is a published author in the book “The Assertive and Empowered Woman" where she teaches "Financial wellness for the modern superwoman." it's A must-read book for women who wish to gain self-esteem and become empowered to stand strong in the face of adversity, bullying, toxic relationships, and become assertive in their personal and professional lives.

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She is also a registered 200 hour yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, and credits this practice with helping her to overcome Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after witnessing 9/11 from her dorm room window the first week of college. Megan compassionately challenges her clients to step further and further into the best versions of themselves; which often means digging into the deepest confines of the human mind. A practice that she’s been doing personally, every day for over half of her life.

Megan loves to intertwine proof and logic with mindset and spirituality, which is why she has completed college level courses “The Science of Stress Management Becoming a Resilient Person” and “The Science of Happiness” to better coach her clients and support their development.  She believes that core values and personal philosophies drive both success and happiness, and thus she lives in alignment with all that she coaches.

Megan has created multiple charities such as the “Physically and Financially Fit Kids 5K” road race to support local programming for children, and the “Piece it All Together” annual breast cancer charity event to educate women and build a local cancer wing at a hospital. 

Watching her clients experience deep transformation is what drives Megan every day to be the best version of herself and to provide high-level coaching with the greatest integrity.

Coaching has completely changed Megan’s life, and it’s a gift that she’s grateful to share everyday through the lives that she touches in her work.

Megan lives in the Rocky Mountains with her husband Chris (who she manifested verbatim and feels so grateful to wake up next to every day) and their German Shepherds Lily and King.  She is happiest at a great yoga class with good music; traveling – especially to national parks; cooking dinner and entertaining friends; or when she’s out hiking with her man and her pups. Life is good, and Megan believes that you truly can have it all – because she sure does!