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Learn How To Lead With Love

Learn How To Lead With Love

It lingers. You think of it before you close your eyes at night. You worry that maybe you'll never get it done, and should you just skip it to focus on other areas of your life or your business. 

Balance is not always easy. We're all busy and distractions are there at the push of a button on your phone. 

But, your "to do" list remains. It grows longer each day. It peers at you out of the corner of its eye, almost taunting you. Challenging your resolve. 

In your life and business, why not make this a "to love" list? How can you approach your goals with a greater sense of purpose, joy, ease, and flow?

This internal dialogue shift could totally change your day... and as those days add up, it will totally change your life. That's because worry, overwhelm, and fear are just like drugs. They're addictive emotions that keep you stuck; they're bad habits that need to be broken; they're security blankets that secretly keep you safe... albeit unhealthy & unfulfilled. I know because I used to carry the words "busy," and being "worried" like they were badges of honor that I had earned. 

Well, that's a very limiting mindset and the way to overcome it is to learn how to lead with love. 

This year, completed my chapter "Financial Wellbeing for the Modern Superwoman" which is now published in the book "The Assertive and Empowered Woman," and distributed on Amazon!

I put "write a book" on my vision board last year, but people dismissed it - telling me "do you know how long it takes to write a book?" And while this is not a full book, I still feel proud that it is an amazing start... it was sold out on Amazon pretty quickly too.

I will admit that when I started writing the chapter; I started to feel overwhelmed. Doubts, worry, that sneaky glance from my "To Do" list started to creep into my thoughts each night before bed. "Ugh, another thing to do..." And, "I've never written a book before so it must be hard, right?" Oh, and if you can all relate to being hard on yourself then maybe you can understand my fears of "what if it sucks?!"

So, I meditated along with the "Purpose Meditation" audio that I created for my group coaching clients. I have been using this powerful meditation everyday. It helps me align to my purpose, and purpose always trumps fear. After the meditation, I journaled and wrote: "I want my life's purpose to move through me. I want to be able to add value in a way that keeps me in a place of joy, ease, and flow. I want writing this book to be easy."

About 2.5 hours later, my chapter (that I had put off for 3 months & was due in less than 2 weeks) was complete. That's the power of purpose and calling upon divine inspiration to guide you.

This is why I also do "purpose-work" with my high-level clients to make sure that they are aligned to joy, ease, and flow... so that they can act in alignment with their soul's calling.



If you’re ready to create a strategy and master the mindset necessary to have the life and business of your dreams, then let’s have a discussion together about taking your business to the next level on your terms today! There’s no perfect moment to leap - follow your heart and allow the rest to fall into place. I’ll help you do that. Let’s chat. Schedule your time on my calendar.

Limiting Your Greatness

Limiting Your Greatness

"I didn't have the right connections."
"I didn't have enough money."
"I didn't have the tools."

These are all resources. If you're looking outside of yourself for the resources to be successful, then you're missing the most important part of success: your own resourcefulness.
I remember being 25 years old and starting my first business. I watched in envy as 2 male Financial Advisors around my age achieved quick success and were promoted to leadership positions.

"Ugh, why do they have it SO easy?" and "some people really do get all of the luck, fed from the silver spoon."

Yea I admit - I carried around 'victim' baggage for a while in that business; wondered why no one liked me, and I thought that my circumstances controlled me.
In my mind, my life was happening TO me.

I grimaced - "no one in my age group cares about financial planning. I don't have the extra money - like these guys do - to invest in myself or my business."
Poor Meg, type of stuff.

Now, nearly 10 years later, both of those men are "slaves" once again to the 9-5 Corporate America world.

They completely failed in the business - I'm not saying that to judge; I'm just saying that their business stopped growing - and they couldn't get back up.
Resources will never create your success.
Your resourcefulness will.
Character is built in all of the times when you rise again.
As for me, I was given the same opportunity to leadership that these men had a few years ago when I was a Financial Advisor. I finally got everything that I longed for! Oh, my goodness - people DID like me.
But instead of accepting that leadership role, I walked away and demanded even more of myself.
I wanted more for myself, too.
I stopped seeing life as happening TO me but instead happening FOR me.
I took action.
I sold my business.
I launched a new one.
I invested in myself every step of the way.
If you're looking outside of yourself for success or you are comparing yourself to others, then you are limiting your greatness.
You are refusing to see the potential in your own resourcefulness.
You may even be blaming your lack of resources - money, time, or even just not knowing the "how."
Imagine if I had strived (as I had jealously longed to for a while) to be like those 2 guys who "had it all..."
I would probably still be stuck in a business that I built for 10 years that never once made me happy.
I'd be finding another way to play the victim.
Instead of just worrying whether or not other people like me; I probably wouldn't be loving myself.

Instead, I have risen every time that I have been knocked down.
I have come back stronger, smarter, and even more hungry.
I've invested more and more in my mindset because I've seen just how deep my limiting patterns are (some that I haven't even identified yet), how often I do try to be the victim (maybe because everywhere else I've tried to be so tough...)
Change your mindset. Change your life.
Stop looking outside of yourself for success and fulfillment in life.
EVERYTHING that you need is within you.
And if you're resourceful, then you will always find the resources and the right coach who can hold you accountable to making massive shifts...

That's what I do in my mindset coaching. I help you to take full responsibility for who you desire to be... I keep you motivated... moving forward no matter what.

You begin to see your limiting patterns; maybe even your constant longing to be liked, and how victim beliefs can play out for you... even though you are the strongest lady around.

We all need help.
We all need support.
There's no way that I'd be living my dreams without amazing coaches pushing me to the next level. How can I help you do the same?



If you’re ready to create a strategy and master the mindset necessary to have the life and business of your dreams, then let’s have a discussion together about taking your business to the next level on your terms today! There’s no perfect moment to leap - follow your heart and allow the rest to fall into place. I’ll help you do that. Let’s chat. Schedule your time on my calendar.

4 Ways That Practicing Yoga Makes You a Better Entrepreneur


4 Ways That Practicing Yoga Makes You a Better Entrepreneur

Yoga is a practice of transformation - an inward journey of self-discovery. And every entrepreneur knows that starting, growing, and maintaining a business is also a practice of personal transformation. One of my favorite quotes from seeing Tony Robbins live in Denver, CO this February for my birthday was “The chokehold on the success of any business is the psychology of the entrepreneur. Business is 80% mental and 20% strategy.”

I started my yoga journey after 9/11 when I was in New York for my first week of college. I was young, impressionable, and witnessed this heinous act of terrorism from the bedroom window of my dorm room. As a result, I had PTSD. Physical symptoms. Mental agony. Fear like I had never known. And instead of running from it or just addressing the symptoms, I chose yoga as my path to healing. I went to the core of the issue: my mindset. I looked my own psychology in the face at 18 years old and all these years later, I could not be more grateful. The power of mental transformation is why I chose to become a Registered Yoga teacher -to share that gift with others.

I became an entrepreneur at 25 years old when I lost my job 2 weeks after I purchased my first condo during the market downturn of 2008. I became a financial coach in one of the worst economies, and despite my own self-deprecating thoughts that “everything I do is doomed to some failure. Why start?” I had anxiety attacks every day about paying my bills. I was afraid clients would judge me (not hire me) due to my financial circumstances. I lived in a scarcity mindset with a fear paradigm. It was debilitating.

With the help of my business coach, I overcame. I built a successful financial coaching business in Boston, MA for 7 years; taught financial security to women on a national level; and traveled the country whenever I pleased. Just this past October, despite fears that “I won’t know anyone,” “how will I get clients,” and “what if we break up?,” I moved cross country with the only man who I’ve ever lived with and now reside in sunny Colorado. I left my financial coaching practice, and re-branded to a Women’s Wealth and Business Coach. “Leaping” was scary! Re-branding my business and launching new products was anxiety provoking, but for me, these are the best choices that I have ever made. Thanks to my yoga practice, I already knew how to look these stressors in the face and because of it, success is lining up to the measures that I dreamed - only faster than I thought possible.

 (Photo: Megan McAvoy, leading a workshop of 20+ women for the organization that I successfully launched, in a brand new city on 12-27-15. We’re up to 95 members and growing!)

(Photo: Megan McAvoy, leading a workshop of 20+ women for the organization that I successfully launched, in a brand new city on 12-27-15. We’re up to 95 members and growing!)

I could not have done it without these 4 benefits of yoga.

1) Intention:

At the start of yoga class, I tell my students to set an intention for their practice. To call to mind something that they want to connect with, something that they deeply value, and a desired outcome. This intention creates clarity, producing a more clear vision of what needs to happen in order to reach out vision.

In order to succeed in business, you must act with intention. You must know your purpose. What is your calling that is bigger than you, that you will do anything for and why? Being mindful, and tuning into these questions will create clarity within your strategy, marketing, and business development. Just like knowing your intention on the yoga mat allows you to move more freely, shake off that which doesn’t fit, and fit in the pose, knowing your purpose in your business gives you freedom to love what you do, trust in the process, and deliver the highest level of value.

2) Balance:

Every yogi knows that balance is an important component of their practice - on and off of the mat. Yoga offers arm balances, standing balances, and a space to unify the mind with the body. Drishti points are used to stay centered as a place to focus your gaze and develop concentrated intention. Through continued practice, you come into center. Equanimity - mental calmness despite challenges or difficult situations - comes from developing your center of balance and stays with you even when you leave the mat.

The same principles are at work within your business. Inherent in entrepreneurship is balancing risk and reward - investing your time, money, and resources, for the potential economic outcome and lifestyle. This is where equanimity becomes so important. You have to trust in the process. Just like when you come into an arm balance in yoga, you have to believe with your whole being that you can support yourself. That you will succeed. Otherwise, negative thoughts are going to pull you right down and sabotage your own success

3) Practice

It’s called a yoga practice for a reason. You keep showing up. You improve. No one expects you to come into class fully flexible, in excellent balance, with a mastery of all poses the first time. It takes time to quiet your mind. The purpose is to always be growing, always be improving, and to have the self-compassion to do so. Self-comparison gets you nowhere fast. It’s never “perfect,” it’s always a practice.

It’s the same in business. I often tell my coaching clients that self-compassion is the key to successfully taking risk. When we stop being so hard on ourselves, when we start seeing our failures as a part of the practice / a path to success, when we stop doubting our own abilities, that’s when business really opens up. Don’t expect instant gratification and trade your expectations for appreciation. It’s going to take some time and some practice before you get the results that you desire. But, they key is to show up. Appreciate the journey. Take the steps necessary to set your intention and follow it into balance. Never give up.

4) Resilience

Yoga teaches you to calm the mind, and focus on what matters most. As you know, yoga was my path to healing from PTSD. It was my path to resilience because yoga is where you find the space to be in the present moment. Yoga teaches you to move your thoughts away from the rest of the noise that may otherwise be tormenting or distracting you, and appreciate the now.

Resilience is necessary in any business. The scientific definition of resilience is the ability to

- survive: cope and manage despite the circumstances, and to
- thrive: the intentional engagement and commitment to do what matters most. Hence my logo.

In your business, you want to do more than just survive - you want to thrive. This comes not only from your intention, balance, and practice but also by creating a business that is in alignment with your core values and what your heart truly desires.

As a Women’s Mindset and Business Coach, I inspire and impact successful women in business to acheive personal well-being, business freedom, and financial security so that that they may have everlasting fulfillment. I do this through 1-on-1, group coaching, and customized programs for companies.


 My Fate, In My Own Hands


My Fate, In My Own Hands

I used to think that those who were plotting their escape from Corporate America were "lucky." 

In starting their business and following their dreams; I saw that they had the luxury of time and the guarantee of income while they planned their great escape. 

They could make their plans, and then choose the exact day and time that they blissfully set sail into entrepreneurship...

They could time everything so perfectly - they fed into my belief that you can start a business when the timing is right; when everything is "perfect."

You see, I never had that. 

At 25 years old, 3 weeks after putting my life savings into the down payment on a new condo, my 'stable job' at Fidelity Investments laid me off in the economic down turn of 2008.

All of my smart financial planning right along with all of my confidence felt as though it was flushed down the proverbial toilet. 

I was scared, questioned how I would pay my bills (ok; had major anxiety attacks about my new mortgage!), had no idea how to build a business, but I knew in my heart that I deserved to be happier than I was at that job. I believe that if you follow your happiness and trust; it will pay you back greater than you ever imagine - especially if you're doing your purpose work in the world.

I promised myself that no one would ever lay me off again. I wanted my fate in my own hands. I have been an entrepreneur ever since, and never looked back.

I have since built a business, then sold it to build another business that's even more aligned to my soul's calling - which is my mindset coaching business here at Aspire to Retire Rich.

What I have come to learn is that those ladies plotting their Corporate America escape are anything but "lucky." 

Those people who are waiting for everything to be "perfect..."

They usually end up stuck longer than they truly need to be... they're often chasing perfection; or afraid of failing; so they don't leap as quickly or as far as they could...

It's like taking off a band-aid - you can either pull it off slow and steady (which hurts like a biatch!) or just rip that sucker off in a momentary flight of "pain."

Success doesn't have to be painful. In fact, it's not... it's the fear that cause the real pain. It's the pain of being stuck then fabricating stories of how hard it will be to leap... that's what truly hurts. 

While I do not work with many newbie entrepreneurs - my clients are more often the established woman entrepenuers who have been in business for years or they're shifting from one business to another. 

I do take on the occasional future-success-entrepreneur in special cases. These casess are when I know that these women are so incredible that nothing will stop them - no excuse, limiting belief.

I woke up this morning to an email from one such client. 

She was "plotting" her departure and planning a deadline about 1 year away to formally start her business and 100% leave corporate. 

But, she's been working with me at a high-level 1:1 for a few months now. And, my clients tend to leap fast...

So she's done the work, she's been owning her message, living through her purpose, and she told me this morning that she has formally let her company know that she will be scaling back her hours to 1/2 time and, guess what... they are 100% on board because "they have zero doubt that she will thrive in her new business" - oh, hey, me too!!

You know how I know? 

Because she ripped off the band-aid. 

She has had me in her corner as her coach for a few months, and is already attracting $25K clients. 

This woman is going to succeed beyond her wildest dreams... I'm not sure she even fully realizes it yet... 

How about you? Are you ready to rip off the band-aid - what would happen if you went 100% all in on the life and business of your dreams?


If you’re ready to create a strategy and master the mindset necessary to have the life and business of your dreams, then let’s have a discussion together about taking your business to the next level on your terms today! There’s no perfect moment to leap - follow your heart and allow the rest to fall into place. I’ll help you do that. Let’s chat. Schedule your time on my calendar.





There is always something to be thankful for..png

Christmas is fast approaching and Santa will soon be putting presents under the tree and filling the hearts of children all over the world with glee. 

So, how about you Miss. Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur? What is Santa bringing for you this year so that your business can thrive? Here are some of my best suggestions for last minute gifts:

1.    Belief 

You know how Santa only comes to the good girls and boys who believe? Well, success in your business comes from the unwavering belief in your ability to succeed, to manifest miracles, and to create amazing products that lead to clients who adore you, refer you, and buy all of your stuff. If you don’t believe, then you can’t receive. And if you want to receive more - clients, money, success - then this starts with the necessary mindset work, and childlike faith and wonder that allows for miracles to happen. 

2.    An Amazing Coach 

You’re a professional right? Real deal? Your business is not a hobby, it is your empire upon which all dreams rely. If that’s the case, then you need an amazing coach in your corner to help you master the mindset of a leader. Amateurs do not hire coaches, they try to do it on their own. But can you think of a single high-level Professional who is without a coach? Whether it be an athlete, a performer, or a business mogul, there is not a single professional who has done it on their own. If you’ve been without an amazing coach or you’re ready for a new one, then get your business the gift this year of going to the next level with support, accountability, clarity, and mental challenge that only an amazing coach can provide. The revenue, better relationships, and happiness that you desire will follow - so this is the gift that keeps on giving!

3.    An Awesome Tribe 

Entrepreneurship can be a bit lonely - especially if you’re rising to the top. You may feel like you’re the only one with challenges, you may want input from others about your business or mindset, or you may just want a support system. They say that it takes a village to raise a child. It’s the same with your business - it takes an awesome tribe in order to get to the next level. Imagine how great it would feel to have unbiased, supportive sisters on your journey who hold you accountable, lift you up when you’re down, and shine their light so bright that your business becomes more illuminated too. Imagine doing the same for others, and the type of magic that is created among like-minded boss babes on a mission. If you’re not part of an amazing tribe, then you’re limiting your success. This year, give yourself the gift of sisterhood in your business and watch the rest fall into place. 

4.    Commitment and Accountability

This may not sound like a gift, but do not be fooled. It’s the moment by moment commitments that you make that create your success in business, with money, and in your RESULTS. It’s the accountability to take aligned action - even on the days that you don’t want to - that breeds the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual discipline of true leaders. If you need help being more disciplined - which creates more freedom and choice in your life and business - then give yourself the gift of an ongoing commitment that requires that you show up and be accountable every single day. Then, watch as better clients, more consistent cash flow, and a healthier better-balanced life continuously flow your way!

The beauty of these gifts is that they are all the gifts that keep on giving - instead of those items that you buy only to be forgotten by this time next year. And, the exciting news?! I have already packaged ALL of these gifts into a beautiful opportunity just for you - or that special someone in your life - imagine how much she’d thank you if she knew just how much you believed in her and her business? Come check out Next Level Academy and reserve your spot before the hottest program of the year sells out!



For The Full Program Outline Visit The Next Level Academy Page Below 





Your Story

Your Story

Your story is uniquely powerful, and it is entirely your own.

Your story is the reason why people will work with you.

Your story is the emotional connection that you make with your clients.

Your story is what disarms your clients from their fears, resistances, and inspires them to move forward.

Never, ever, let someone tell you that you are being "salesy" because you are telling your story. I have heard this happen to my clients, and I know that women tend to have a resistance around being so vulnerable.

With vulnerability comes trust. 

With trust comes strong relationships.

With strong relationships comes amazing clients who you can impact in a positive way.

With positive impact comes meaningful results.

Your story is everything. Tell it with pride, passion, and emotion. Science has shown that when you tell a powerful story, the recipient’s brain activates in the same areas as the person telling the story. This creates an emotional bond and connection that the eyes cannot see, but it can be felt. 

People buy based upon emotion, and then they justify with logic. If you fear getting emotional and telling your story, then you are losing clients and you are not impacting the world in the way that you are capable of doing.

It does not matter how good your marketing process is; your strategies; or your even your lead-generation or sales process...

It matters if you make a connection.

What do you want: for people to love your sales process or for them to love you in a way that they can open up; be equally vulnerable; and shift?

If you worry about letting people in. 

You're most likely making things hard on yourself and holding you back from the greatness you deserve, if you have limiting beliefs or fears around sharing your authentic story. 

This is why it's so important to trust.

So far, this is my favorite definition of Trust: “Choosing to make something important to you, vulnerable to the actions of others.”

There is nothing more important to share than your story - trust that your clients will receive it well.

Every client who has ever hired me - from the $99/month level to the $15K level - has done so because they were able to connect with me via the truth of my story.

Through my challenges. 
Through my fears. 
Through my truth. 
Through my imperfections. 

Where can you show your heart more? And if you need help, then reach out to me - my clients love doing this work with me because it promises an immediate return.

If you’re ready to create a strategy and master the mindset necessary to have the life and business of your dreams, then let’s have a discussion together about taking your business to the next level on your terms today! There’s no perfect moment to leap - follow your heart and allow the rest to fall into place. I’ll help you do that. Let’s chat. Schedule your time on my calendar.

What If Your "Someday" Was Today?


What If Your "Someday" Was Today?

We are taught our whole lives to be passive. We get to school, the bell rings, and so we sit down and shut up. We start our first job, we're told what to do, and so we do it. 

Somewhere after childhood, creativity, imagination, and playtime get stifled and traded in for adulthood, serious decisions, and a lack of time. 

Even when we take a journey well into entrepreneurship for many years, that passivity can still be activated. The overwhelm instigated. It's a trait that's been reinforced for most of our lives. 

This puts most people into a subconscious state of not doing a damn thing to change their life, improve their business, or increase their financial wellbeing. They get to a place where they're "comfortable," (albeit maybe not happy or rich) and so they hang out for a while. After all, that IS what they've been taught to do. 

But then, then there's those who take action. They're constantly seeking greatness. They always desire to be better. They know that it's mastery over their emotions (like fear) that gets them engaged to do more, be more, and rise higher. They honor that they cannot do it alone. 

Instead of trading their time for dollars, they invest in themselves and that next stage of their success. Investing in their success stops being a question and it starts being a habit. 

They are "the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes “Awww!” 
― Jack Kerouac, On the Road

So, what are you doing right now, in this moment to go to the next level that you desire for your life, business, and finances? How are you moving from passive to active?

Get up. 
Stand up. 
Make it happen. 
Today IS the day. 

Everyday and every step forward matters.


If you’re ready to create a strategy and master the mindset necessary to have the life and business of your dreams, then let’s have a discussion together about taking your business to the next level on your terms today! There’s no perfect moment to leap - follow your heart and allow the rest to fall into place. I’ll help you do that. Let’s chat. Schedule your time on my calendar.