Love Can Make You Dumb

If you want to improve your marriage or manifest love then it’s about so much more than knowing who you want your partner to be or who you want to attract. It’s about clearing the blocks that you’ve built to a healthy love life & learning how to be a healthy person yourself in love. That takes time and commitment... especially if you've been stuck or confused for a while.

Forgiveness Heals & Prospers

If you're holding on to any level of anger, resentment, or blame (which, let's be honest, "good little girls & boys"​ have always been taught that we're not supposed to feel that way, ever) then you are creating more drama in your marriage, in your finances, and in your life than is necessary. You can change your life quicker than you imagine as long as you know the right mindset work to do; which in no way means denying these emotions or stories.

How Stress & Mind-Wandering Limit Your Potential

The mindset challenge that most of us high performers face: how do you make the most out of your time when your mind is inclined to wander 47% of the time, and there are constant distractions?

Nearly 70% of people feel as though there is not enough time in the day to even finish their work, never mind attend to their personal wellbeing.

How to Be More Positive

Does it matter if you have a heavy-handed focus on the negative? Yes, big time.

Those who approach their mindset by simply digging into distress are literally stealing years from their life, reducing their quality of life, and are shown to have an increased need to use health services / go to the doctor. . .

How to Be More Resilient

You can trust that if something has impacted you on an emotional level, then that information is bound to stick around. It’s made its mark on your subconscious and will color your perception of the present moment... basically it’s running your WHOLE mindset.

To become resilient, you must gain awareness and mastery over your emotions- both so that they don’t get the best of you and also so that you can get the most out of life.