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"I didn't have the right connections."
"I didn't have enough money."
"I didn't have the tools."

These are all resources. If you're looking outside of yourself for the resources to be successful, then you're missing the most important part of success: your own resourcefulness.
I remember being 25 years old and starting my first business. I watched in envy as 2 male Financial Advisors around my age achieved quick success and were promoted to leadership positions.

"Ugh, why do they have it SO easy?" and "some people really do get all of the luck, fed from the silver spoon."

Yea I admit - I carried around 'victim' baggage for a while in that business; wondered why no one liked me, and I thought that my circumstances controlled me.
In my mind, my life was happening TO me.

I grimaced - "no one in my age group cares about financial planning. I don't have the extra money - like these guys do - to invest in myself or my business."
Poor Meg, type of stuff.

Now, nearly 10 years later, both of those men are "slaves" once again to the 9-5 Corporate America world.

They completely failed in the business - I'm not saying that to judge; I'm just saying that their business stopped growing - and they couldn't get back up.
Resources will never create your success.
Your resourcefulness will.
Character is built in all of the times when you rise again.
As for me, I was given the same opportunity to leadership that these men had a few years ago when I was a Financial Advisor. I finally got everything that I longed for! Oh, my goodness - people DID like me.
But instead of accepting that leadership role, I walked away and demanded even more of myself.
I wanted more for myself, too.
I stopped seeing life as happening TO me but instead happening FOR me.
I took action.
I sold my business.
I launched a new one.
I invested in myself every step of the way.
If you're looking outside of yourself for success or you are comparing yourself to others, then you are limiting your greatness.
You are refusing to see the potential in your own resourcefulness.
You may even be blaming your lack of resources - money, time, or even just not knowing the "how."
Imagine if I had strived (as I had jealously longed to for a while) to be like those 2 guys who "had it all..."
I would probably still be stuck in a business that I built for 10 years that never once made me happy.
I'd be finding another way to play the victim.
Instead of just worrying whether or not other people like me; I probably wouldn't be loving myself.

Instead, I have risen every time that I have been knocked down.
I have come back stronger, smarter, and even more hungry.
I've invested more and more in my mindset because I've seen just how deep my limiting patterns are (some that I haven't even identified yet), how often I do try to be the victim (maybe because everywhere else I've tried to be so tough...)
Change your mindset. Change your life.
Stop looking outside of yourself for success and fulfillment in life.
EVERYTHING that you need is within you.
And if you're resourceful, then you will always find the resources and the right coach who can hold you accountable to making massive shifts...

That's what I do in my mindset coaching. I help you to take full responsibility for who you desire to be... I keep you motivated... moving forward no matter what.

You begin to see your limiting patterns; maybe even your constant longing to be liked, and how victim beliefs can play out for you... even though you are the strongest lady around.

We all need help.
We all need support.
There's no way that I'd be living my dreams without amazing coaches pushing me to the next level. How can I help you do the same?



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