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It lingers. You think of it before you close your eyes at night. You worry that maybe you'll never get it done, and should you just skip it to focus on other areas of your life or your business. 

Balance is not always easy. We're all busy and distractions are there at the push of a button on your phone. 

But, your "to do" list remains. It grows longer each day. It peers at you out of the corner of its eye, almost taunting you. Challenging your resolve. 

In your life and business, why not make this a "to love" list? How can you approach your goals with a greater sense of purpose, joy, ease, and flow?

This internal dialogue shift could totally change your day... and as those days add up, it will totally change your life. That's because worry, overwhelm, and fear are just like drugs. They're addictive emotions that keep you stuck; they're bad habits that need to be broken; they're security blankets that secretly keep you safe... albeit unhealthy & unfulfilled. I know because I used to carry the words "busy," and being "worried" like they were badges of honor that I had earned. 

Well, that's a very limiting mindset and the way to overcome it is to learn how to lead with love. 

This year, completed my chapter "Financial Wellbeing for the Modern Superwoman" which is now published in the book "The Assertive and Empowered Woman," and distributed on Amazon!

I put "write a book" on my vision board last year, but people dismissed it - telling me "do you know how long it takes to write a book?" And while this is not a full book, I still feel proud that it is an amazing start... it was sold out on Amazon pretty quickly too.

I will admit that when I started writing the chapter; I started to feel overwhelmed. Doubts, worry, that sneaky glance from my "To Do" list started to creep into my thoughts each night before bed. "Ugh, another thing to do..." And, "I've never written a book before so it must be hard, right?" Oh, and if you can all relate to being hard on yourself then maybe you can understand my fears of "what if it sucks?!"

So, I meditated along with the "Purpose Meditation" audio that I created for my group coaching clients. I have been using this powerful meditation everyday. It helps me align to my purpose, and purpose always trumps fear. After the meditation, I journaled and wrote: "I want my life's purpose to move through me. I want to be able to add value in a way that keeps me in a place of joy, ease, and flow. I want writing this book to be easy."

About 2.5 hours later, my chapter (that I had put off for 3 months & was due in less than 2 weeks) was complete. That's the power of purpose and calling upon divine inspiration to guide you.

This is why I also do "purpose-work" with my high-level clients to make sure that they are aligned to joy, ease, and flow... so that they can act in alignment with their soul's calling.



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