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I used to think that those who were plotting their escape from Corporate America were "lucky." 

In starting their business and following their dreams; I saw that they had the luxury of time and the guarantee of income while they planned their great escape. 

They could make their plans, and then choose the exact day and time that they blissfully set sail into entrepreneurship...

They could time everything so perfectly - they fed into my belief that you can start a business when the timing is right; when everything is "perfect."

You see, I never had that. 

At 25 years old, 3 weeks after putting my life savings into the down payment on a new condo, my 'stable job' at Fidelity Investments laid me off in the economic down turn of 2008.

All of my smart financial planning right along with all of my confidence felt as though it was flushed down the proverbial toilet. 

I was scared, questioned how I would pay my bills (ok; had major anxiety attacks about my new mortgage!), had no idea how to build a business, but I knew in my heart that I deserved to be happier than I was at that job. I believe that if you follow your happiness and trust; it will pay you back greater than you ever imagine - especially if you're doing your purpose work in the world.

I promised myself that no one would ever lay me off again. I wanted my fate in my own hands. I have been an entrepreneur ever since, and never looked back.

I have since built a business, then sold it to build another business that's even more aligned to my soul's calling - which is my mindset coaching business here at Aspire to Retire Rich.

What I have come to learn is that those ladies plotting their Corporate America escape are anything but "lucky." 

Those people who are waiting for everything to be "perfect..."

They usually end up stuck longer than they truly need to be... they're often chasing perfection; or afraid of failing; so they don't leap as quickly or as far as they could...

It's like taking off a band-aid - you can either pull it off slow and steady (which hurts like a biatch!) or just rip that sucker off in a momentary flight of "pain."

Success doesn't have to be painful. In fact, it's not... it's the fear that cause the real pain. It's the pain of being stuck then fabricating stories of how hard it will be to leap... that's what truly hurts. 

While I do not work with many newbie entrepreneurs - my clients are more often the established woman entrepenuers who have been in business for years or they're shifting from one business to another. 

I do take on the occasional future-success-entrepreneur in special cases. These casess are when I know that these women are so incredible that nothing will stop them - no excuse, limiting belief.

I woke up this morning to an email from one such client. 

She was "plotting" her departure and planning a deadline about 1 year away to formally start her business and 100% leave corporate. 

But, she's been working with me at a high-level 1:1 for a few months now. And, my clients tend to leap fast...

So she's done the work, she's been owning her message, living through her purpose, and she told me this morning that she has formally let her company know that she will be scaling back her hours to 1/2 time and, guess what... they are 100% on board because "they have zero doubt that she will thrive in her new business" - oh, hey, me too!!

You know how I know? 

Because she ripped off the band-aid. 

She has had me in her corner as her coach for a few months, and is already attracting $25K clients. 

This woman is going to succeed beyond her wildest dreams... I'm not sure she even fully realizes it yet... 

How about you? Are you ready to rip off the band-aid - what would happen if you went 100% all in on the life and business of your dreams?


If you’re ready to create a strategy and master the mindset necessary to have the life and business of your dreams, then let’s have a discussion together about taking your business to the next level on your terms today! There’s no perfect moment to leap - follow your heart and allow the rest to fall into place. I’ll help you do that. Let’s chat. Schedule your time on my calendar.