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Your story is uniquely powerful, and it is entirely your own.

Your story is the reason why people will work with you.

Your story is the emotional connection that you make with your clients.

Your story is what disarms your clients from their fears, resistances, and inspires them to move forward.

Never, ever, let someone tell you that you are being "salesy" because you are telling your story. I have heard this happen to my clients, and I know that women tend to have a resistance around being so vulnerable.

With vulnerability comes trust. 

With trust comes strong relationships.

With strong relationships comes amazing clients who you can impact in a positive way.

With positive impact comes meaningful results.

Your story is everything. Tell it with pride, passion, and emotion. Science has shown that when you tell a powerful story, the recipient’s brain activates in the same areas as the person telling the story. This creates an emotional bond and connection that the eyes cannot see, but it can be felt. 

People buy based upon emotion, and then they justify with logic. If you fear getting emotional and telling your story, then you are losing clients and you are not impacting the world in the way that you are capable of doing.

It does not matter how good your marketing process is; your strategies; or your even your lead-generation or sales process...

It matters if you make a connection.

What do you want: for people to love your sales process or for them to love you in a way that they can open up; be equally vulnerable; and shift?

If you worry about letting people in. 

You're most likely making things hard on yourself and holding you back from the greatness you deserve, if you have limiting beliefs or fears around sharing your authentic story. 

This is why it's so important to trust.

So far, this is my favorite definition of Trust: “Choosing to make something important to you, vulnerable to the actions of others.”

There is nothing more important to share than your story - trust that your clients will receive it well.

Every client who has ever hired me - from the $99/month level to the $15K level - has done so because they were able to connect with me via the truth of my story.

Through my challenges. 
Through my fears. 
Through my truth. 
Through my imperfections. 

Where can you show your heart more? And if you need help, then reach out to me - my clients love doing this work with me because it promises an immediate return.

If you’re ready to create a strategy and master the mindset necessary to have the life and business of your dreams, then let’s have a discussion together about taking your business to the next level on your terms today! There’s no perfect moment to leap - follow your heart and allow the rest to fall into place. I’ll help you do that. Let’s chat. Schedule your time on my calendar.