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Working with Meg helped transform me from a newbie entrepreneur with a "scary idea" that I was pursuing part-time, to leaving Corporate 7 months earlier than planned. I was quickly creating $10K months as a bad ass business owner and also attracting $17K deals in rapid time. It is crazy to look back on how far I’ve come. The moment that I met Meg, I just knew that I had to work with her. Her confidence in the work that she does is apparent and it’s obvious to see why.

Working with Meg, I got clear on the work that I love to do. I recently celebrated my 2-year business anniversary and often say that I would have quit so many times without Meg’s coaching. Her help with clarity from the get go and keeping my mindset locked up so that I knew that I could handle the growth of my business was huge. She helped me get clear on what I was looking for and kept me true to that vision the whole way. I worked with her for about 2 years as a 1:1 client and in her courses which was transformational for me.



"Megan is a master at making clarity out of the storm of thoughts and feelings that hits entrepreneurs every other minute. While working with Megan, I went from point zero of my new business in a completely new country to sustaining myself and my business independently, in only 3 months doing $5,000/mo to start.

I highly recommend working with Megan to any entrepreneur who is ready to seriously take their life and business to the next level. She is very direct and to the point; she addresses her clients' doubts with wisdom and impressively detects and solves hidden blockages and mismatches in their mindsets at all times.

Having a background both as a yoga instructor (which developed her spiritual + physical side ) and as a financial advisor (rational area) she is a very complete transformational leader.”



I have a better understanding of why and how you HAVE TO maximize your abundance energy to create the life you desire. I have a crystal clear understanding of what I want to do in my business. I have clarity on my marketing strategies and ways to manage my time. I know how to keep my subconscious thoughts and energy positive so I can receive abundance! I reached out to Megan because I had just started my business I was looking for a local coach (in Boulder) to leverage my success. I recommend Meg as your high-level mindset coach because she will truly transform your life!

She's hardcore and genuine and truly wants to help you have abundance! I have been working with her for the past 5 months and recently did a VIP day with her to dive deeper. I know how to do mindset work for success on a daily basis and work through resistances that come up! I have so many tools, resources, and strategies for my business. I can now re-condition the limiting beliefs that are all LIES in the subconscious mind. My energy feels so much lighter, authentic and I feel so blessed to have worked with her. I am expanding my energy like never before and it's positively influencing my business, clients and all relationships in life. I have more self-confidence, self-worth, and trust in God and my purpose. With Meg's help, I recommend you dive into your subconscious mind in order to get your mind right because it will truly change your life like never before! Thank you, Meg! Love you.

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Investing with Meg will guarantee a bigger, faster return on investment than you can imagine. I’m a sales leader in my business, but I had been at an income plateau for years. I blasted some of my money mindset blocks and doubled my income in a few months with her help. Her wisdom,  vulnerability,  relatability, and philosophies have always closely aligned with mine.  

That’s why I have worked with Meg in both of her businesses as a Financial Advisor and as a Coach. I had been building my business for 7 years when I hired Meg to kick my butt into a higher gear.  She helped me see the limits I had subconsciously been setting for myself and fears I wasn't even aware I had.  I'm so grateful for the tools we created to flip those negative stories to remove the limitations from my success. I appreciated our work together so much that I have referred her on to my best friend who also became a high-level client.

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"With coaching from Megan, I was able to find my purpose in life, which ultimately has had a domino effect on every area of my life. I started attracting the exact people and opportunities that I needed (including speaking on stages among high-level executives, manifesting the love of my life, and even a buyer for my company). Selling my business and manifesting my husband - after struggling with stress and trust for years - was a direct result of the work I did on myself with Megan.

I was truly at a breaking point in life when I found Megan. I needed to find a way out and to make a decision about my business. I also wanted to find my partner in life. It wasn't an easy journey, and it took work. As a business owner, you can feel a bit overwhelmed or unsure of the path you are on. You feel like you should have all the answers because, you are the boss, this is what you signed up for. Working with Megan has allowed me to accept that sometimes you just need to find the answers, even if they're within yourself.  

I can't say enough great things about coaching with Megan. She is dynamic, knowledgeable, and genuine. Her approach is a balance of understanding, education, matter of fact realizations, and a deeper dive below the surface level pain/problems/road blocks. With all that work, I was able to find my now husband, and sold my business to an IT firm. I am now in a fulfilling career where the sky is the limit, and building my life with my hubby.


“I encourage anyone who is seeking clarity, anyone who is feeling out of alignment, stuck or confused, or anyone who is just wanting more out of life to consider working with Megan. You will be the richer because of it… not just in monetary means, but in the richness of life’s full experience.

Megan, has a gifted way of helping clients gain clarity and align with our true purpose and passions. I have been able to work through my limiting beliefs to grow more confident in my true path and self-worth, empowering me to reach my highest potential. Too often people can be made to feel like just another number when they enroll in a program of any kind, but she has a way of coaching that makes you feel like a truly special, valued client always.


“If you’re looking to grow your business or have someone guide you through a project in life then I would highly recommend Megan as she not only will help you spiritually but also on a professional level. Megan helped me to overcome obstacles in my career and personal life that I’ve been struggling with most of my life. I couldn’t have done what I’ve done without her. I doubled my income in my business, created more presentations and marketing opportunities, and am now in a fulfilling loving relationship.

I’ve always heard that hiring a business strategist + mindset coach is the best thing you can do for your business, but for some reason I never really thought coaching was for me. When I first met Megan we automatically clicked. Her energy and kindness coupled with her outstanding knowledge radiated so positively from within that I instantly knew she would be a perfect fit for me. It is absolutely worth the investment and I hope to work with her again in the future.”


Megan knows how important it is to address the mental and emotional aspects of a person's life in addition to the business side.  Working with her has forced me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to feel more in control of my life and business.

Working with Meg made a huge difference in the direction I was taking my business. I wasn't working with my ideal clients due to a lack of clarity and confidence. Meg was able to help me define a path that was centered around my passion for what I do that actually attracted my ideal clients to me. She helped me massive take leaps in my business and create clarity when I needed it most.

She is amazing at what she does.  I started getting speaking gigs in front of my ideal clients, booking more appointments, and bringing in more revenue.”