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Get immediate access to our members-only site with self-study courses that were previously run live! Over 12 HOURS of interactive, high-level mindset coaching with workbooks and exercises.

meg's journaling course

Happy Tranquil & Aligned 

Create A Purposeful, Fulling, Stress-Free, Life & Business

5 Hours of Self-Study Video Coaching Modules Rooted in Science and Positive Psychology That Will FOREVER Change Your Life!



Lesson 1: Define Your Purpose And Mission - Create The Time-Tested Foundation of Money and Happiness.

Lesson 2: Harness Your Emotions to Take Consistent Action for Results.

Lesson 3: Stop Delaying Your Future Success and Start Prioritizing Your Dreams NOW.

Lesson 4: Banish Stress, Anxiety, Fear, and Limiting Fears in a Scientifically Proven Way 

Lesson 5: Transform Quicker in Your Mindset Work With This Approach to Alignment



Meg's Journaling Course
 How To Journal For Mindset and Get Results.

7 Hours of Self-Study Video Coaching Modules That Teach You the EXACT Mindset Work that High-Level Clients and Mindset Coaches are Doing.
If You're Going to DIY Your Mindset Work, Then Do It Right!



Lesson 1: The Science of How the Brain Actually Works - Understand HOW Your Brain Functions So That You Can Take Control for Your Desired Outcome

Lesson 2: Learn How to Journal for Results in Mindset Work - Stop Writing, Start Creating

Lesson 3: Improve Your Results Fast By Forgiving the Past and Using the Most Important Emotional Asset (It's Not Self-Esteem or Confidence) to its FULLEST

Lesson 4: Address and Overcoming the Ego - Banish Fear for Good Through Journaling and Mindset Work

Lesson 5: Understand the Victim Mindset - Turn Those "I CAN'Ts" into "I CANs..." and Massively Shift Your Expecations

Lesson 6: Strengthen Your Ability to Receive & Attract the Strategy to Manifest the Desired Outcome

Lesson 7: How to Use EFT with Journaling to Clear Emotional Blocks