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During this Coaching Program You Will Learn:

1. Transform your money emotions to serve you more lucratively. Money is the most emotional topic that there is, and there is no better way to succeed with wealth creation than to master your emotions and utilize your own empowered energy to make smart financial decisions. Emotions lead to thoughts which impact your actions and ultimately drive all of you results. Want better financial results? Master your money emotions!

2. Create a financial mindset for happiness and resilience. Wealthy people get advice and guidance from people who are wealthier than they are, and who have already accomplished what they seek to accomplish. Poor people get advice from other poor people, they assume that they know it all, and they stay at the same net worth even as their income rises. Change your mindset, improve your entire financial wellbeing... SO YOU CAN UP-LEVEL YOUR BANK ACCOUNT.

3. Create a spending plan – organize your budget and start SAVING more money now! Meaningfully align to your financial success and start implementing discipline and habits that will completely change your bank account and your life. Money does not have to be so stressful and your health is your wealth, so take charge of your financial wellbeing today. The sooner that you start, the wealthier that you can become.

Includes 8 videos created by a leading expert on women and wealth, along with an 11 page workbook to help you improve your relationship to wealth, decrease your stress, and improve your path to financial security.

Here’s what others have had to say:

“I got great value from the program, the content is great, and the exercises are fun.” ~ Hellen

“Loved the program content and how approachable it makes it all seem. Addressing the guilt and acknowledging you could have done better while focusing on the path ahead in a palatable way.” ~ Chris